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Women In Caskets

Oct 9, 2017

The following is, one again, not a normal podcast. It's a simple conversation between four friends about a truly heinous situation that has continued to unfold around us in ever expanding circles.

In the week before Fantastic Fest, we sat down to directly address the situation that had developed with Tim League, Devin Faraci, and Fantastic Fest. We were joined by two good friends and members of the film community and we discussed our feelings, our hopes and our fears for the festival we were all about to attend.

Well that festival is over and we thought we'd record a part two of that conversation, especially considering the additional allegations coming to light in other related spheres. This has, after all, hardly been an isolated incident. So that's exactly what we did. We recorded another podcast. It's not our final word on the matter, but for now it is the last time we'll devote an entire podcast to this
particular topic. (Knock on wood.)

We've said it before and we'll say it again, these are not isolated incidents, but it is an important time for our community to consider how its culture has treated women in general and specifically when they speak up about harassment and assault.

When this podcast ends, the conversation won't. And it can't.

Huge thanks to Jen Blair (@fakejenblair) and Rafael Ruiz (@RafAntonioRuiz) for joining us today and thanks for listening.