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Women In Caskets

Mar 30, 2015

EDIT: For those of you that haven't listened yet, we did pull a prank. While we still intend to take a stab at April Fool's Day, this episode we turn our eyes to the fabulous It Follows. Enjoy! Welcome to Horror Takes a Holiday where we pay homage to the wonderful (cough) movie April Fool’s Day! Join Jen and Dawn as they talk about that precious slasher film with an ending that makes you go, “Whaaaaaaa?” The kills, the chills, and the truly inspired acting are all picked apart for your amusement. A movie so epic, we’re giving it two whole podcasts. SPOILER ALERT This podcast contains spoilers for the following films: April Fool’s Day, Alien, Bride of Chucky and the out-now-go-see-this-film-damn-you, It Follows. New podcasts will go live the 1st and 15th of every month! Listen, like and reblog and let us know what you think! Email: podcast@womenincaskets.con Twitter: @womenincaskets Tumblr: Website: Next podcast: Horror Takes a Holiday April Fool’s Day Continued