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Women In Caskets

Apr 16, 2016

Layers like an onion. Critiques sharper than Freddy's knives. More meta commentary than a grad school literature class. What is it? Wes Craven's New Nightmare. There's so much depth and commentary in this movie we probably could have done two podcasts on it, but we managed to cut it down to one. We really hope you've enjoyed listening to our Nightmare on Elm Street retrospective as much as we did recording it. Stay tuned for something new next podcast! Nightmare 2 was covered in Episode 11. Nightmares 1 and 3 were covered in Episode 24 and Episode 25. Nightmares 4 and 5 were covered in Episode 26 and Episode 27. Freddy's Dead and Freddy v Jason were covered in Episode 28 and Episode 29. New Nightmare Soundtrack by J. Peter Robinson "Scary Terry" is from Rick and Morty.