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Women In Caskets

Aug 19, 2016

You didn't really think a feminist horror podcast WASN'T going to cover this, did you? Join Dawn and Jen as they dive headlong into a pit of internet trolls, lazy writing and differences in what they think is sexy and come out with a positive review. They like it, they really, really like it. So go see the new Ghostbusters and come back so the Women In Caskets can tell you all about it. And find out what made Jen break down and cry. (It was a good thing, promise.) Check out MovieBob's Really That Good on the original Ghostbusters on YouTube here: Thanks always to The Shape for the intro/outro music. Contact us at: Twitter: @womenincaskets Tumblr: We are now available in iTunes and Stitcher! Please rate and review us there, we love to hear from you all.