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Women In Caskets

Feb 1, 2017

Dawn and Jen are joined by actor Jessy Schwartz (@JessySchwartz) for slumber party! Listen as they watch 2006's Slither and get grossed out, confused by tubules (tentacles?), and are frankly impressed by the amount of exposition coming from a teenager. Go, Kylie. For even more content, join us on Patreon for monthly bonus podcasts and extra features. Our first fully-produced bonus podcast on Fox's The Exorcist is available for Patrons and we've got more on the way. Thanks always to The Shape for the intro/outro music. We are now available in iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and all your favorite podcatchers. Click on the links, or get our RSS feed on Soundcloud! Please rate and review us there, we love to hear from you all.