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Women In Caskets

Aug 16, 2017

Recorded Live at ArmadilloCon in Austin, TX!

The Women in Caskets try to make sense of all those horror movies featuring, "Based on a True Story," in their title cards. From films that bear only a passing semblance to their source to somewhat faithful adaptations, serial killers to killer animals, and the truly gutsy ones that just made it all up and pretended it was real, it's a master list of the real-life macabre. 

The full list of films mentioned and their trailers can be found in our episode playlist on YouTube HERE.

Stuff You Missed In History Class did an episode on two of the killers mentioned (and probably more): Mary Ann Cotton and Sawney Beane. Check them out!

And one correction: Dawn mis-identified the plaintiff in the Warren litigation. The Warrens didn't bring the lawsuit, Gerald Brittle, author of a book on the Warrens, did, claiming that the Warrens gave him exclusive rights to their stories and all derivative works coming out of them. Warner Bros. et al claim the movies are based on historical records and therefore available for free use. Brittle countered that the Warrens made it all up, making the works fiction and therefore - you know what, it's kinda hysterical to read it all, look it up sometime. 

Thanks always to The Shape for the intro and outro music. Now also featuring, "Fritz Was Here" by YoshiBlade (via OCRemix).

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