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Women In Caskets

Oct 26, 2017

Happy Halloween!

In honor of this most wonderful of holidays, Jen and Dawn sat down with Director Jon Schnitzer and legendary Haunt actor Shar Mayer to talk about the Fantastic Fest stand-out, Haunters: the Art of the Scare.

In this extra-special chat, Jon and Shar talk about the tenacity required when making a documentary from hundreds of hours of footage shot over years, the luck involved in finding music for said documentary, and take a moment to thank Evangelical Christians for their contributions to the haunt industry (no, really, look it up).

All that and more, plus more information on the Women In Caskets livestream for Extra Life. For more information on the Nov. 4th event, and how you can contribute, go to our website!

Thanks always to The Shape for the intro and outro music. Now also featuring, "Marowak's Revenge" by YoshiBlade (via OCRemix).

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