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Women In Caskets

Jun 13, 2018

It's time again, for Dawn and Jen to go on a journey of re-discovery through one of horror's most beloved franchises: The Evil Dead. Coming off of the successful Darkman and a deal with Universal, Raimi and company set their sights on the distant past, an epic journey, and a clear focus.  

...and almost forget where the heart and soul of the series resides.

While Army of Darkness was the most commercially successful of the series, the pared-down feature strips most of the nuance and (admittedly thin) logic out in favor of more yuk-yuks, bravado, foolishness and accidentally becomes more problematic than the movie with the tree-rape scene.  

This episode is the third in a series that will cover all three Evil Dead movies and the 2013 remake. Stay tuned.

"Manly Men" from Army of Darkness OST by Joseph LoDuca

"March of the Dead" from Army of Darkness OST by Danny Elfman

Intro featuring, "Fritz Was Here" by YoshiBlade (via OCRemix).

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