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Women In Caskets

Aug 22, 2018

It's time again, for Dawn and Jen to go on a journey of re-discovery through one of horror's most beloved franchises: The Evil Dead. After three movies and over thirty years, daring filmmaker Fede Álvarez does the unthinkable and helms a remake*, daring the fates to strike him down.  

...and no one was more surprised than your hosts that he actually pulled it off.

Taking a new cast, new characters, and a new script into the great wilds of a New Zealand set, Álvarez managed to capture the spirit of the original, chucking the yuks-yuks and focusing on the story of five young people caught in the grips of terror. With a returned focus on practical gore, what results might not have been gonzo box office success, but it was a more than worthy edition to the Evil Dead series.

This episode is the fourth and final in a series that will cover all three Evil Dead movies and the 2013 remake.

"The Pendant/Evil Tango" from the Evil Dead OST by Roque Baños

Intro featuring, "Fritz Was Here" by YoshiBlade (via OCRemix).

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*Yes, we know it's often described as a successor/sequel rather than a remake. But it functions as a remake and that's what we're sticking to.