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Women In Caskets

Jun 18, 2015

Listen as Dawn and Jen try to talk their way through the trials and tribulations of horror remakes. Try to follow along as they fail, descending into fits of incoherent babbling and tears. But it's not all pain and suffering, as they point out a few movies that got it right. But mostly the ones that got it so very wrong. Slasher remakes, foreign film for dummies, desperate cash-grabs galore and more on the Women In Caskets podcast! If you have suggestions for future shows, good slumber party movies, or just want to say hello, contact us on any of the following: Email: Twitter: @womenincaskets Tumblr: Website: Credits: Intro/Outro Music by The Shape A special thanks to the crew at the Castle of Horror podcast for their thoughts on all things Poltergeist (May 26, 2015). You're much better at this than we are.