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Women In Caskets

Aug 1, 2016

Join the Women In Caskets live from Armadillocon in Austin, TX! When invited to speak at a sci-fi/fantasy convention, Jen and Dawn of course turned to the scariest thing they could think of - kids. Creepy, powerful, and horrific kids. So join them as they discuss why the creepy kid is such a successful trope in horror, what makes a creepy kid and what movies (and a few TV shows) manage to knock it out of the ballpark. And along the way, they identify some crazy gaps in their cinematic knowledge and make some REALLY unfortunate word choices. Thanks always to The Shape for the intro/outro music. Contact us at: Twitter: @womenincaskets Tumblr: We are now available in iTunes and Stitcher! Please rate and review us there, we love to hear from you all.