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Women In Caskets

Apr 18, 2018

Every year, Save Horror runs a horror-themed March Madness bracket, and for the last three years running, we have challenged The Rants MacabreMiskatonic Musings and now Test Pattern to a friendly competition.

But that means we have some decisions to make. Would you like to hear us make them?

Welcome to the Horrordome, 64 movies enter, one leaves! There's heartbreak, frustration and a little horse-trading, but we think you'll enjoy a peek into our process.

NOTE: This was originally recorded as a Patreon special, but since we've temporarily suspended our Patreon, we're giving it to everyone! Yay!

This bonus episode comes with selections from the Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack, because Dawn's a nerd like that. For a complete list of the tracks used visit our website!

It also featured our regular intro featuring  "Fritz Was Here" by YoshiBlade (via OCRemix).