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Women In Caskets

Apr 15, 2015

Due to issues beyond our control, your regular podcast will be late. But fear not! We have a brand new feature that we're debuting in it's place. Join Dawn as she introduces you to the So You Don't Have To episodes where one of the Women In Caskets watches a truly awful movie and give you the rundown. Listen to the pain in our voices as we try to describe scenes that terrify us... and not in the good way. Our first offering is the movie Mimesis. It's Scream, but with zombies and it almost made Dawn cry as she took one for the cinematic team. New SYDHT podcasts will go up in between our regular podcasts. Listen, like and reblog and let us know what you think! Email: Twitter: @womenincaskets Tumblr: Website: Credits: Women In Caskets Theme: The Shape Intro: Tristam Rock by mp from Outro: Where the Demon Sleeps by katethegreat19 from