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Women In Caskets

Apr 25, 2015

Once again taking one for the cinematic team, Dawn explores the epic failure that is No Tell Motel and loses a large chunk of her faith in humanity. What she thought was going to be a standard run-of-the-mill supernatural slasher turned out to be something much, much, worse. So how many ways can a movie screw up a standard ghost slasher flick? You'd be surprised. WARNING: This movie and review contains discussion of rape, suicide and miscarriage because this film couldn't be bothered to handle them with any sensitivity and I'll be damned if I let them get away with that. Ugh. Join us for our next regular Women In Caskets podcast: The Babadook Which is a good movie. A really, really, good movie. Listen, like and reblog and let us know what you think! Email: Twitter: @womenincaskets Tumblr: Website: Credits: Women In Caskets Theme: The Shape Intro: Tristam Rock by mp from Outro: Where the Demon Sleeps by katethegreat19 from