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Women In Caskets

Mar 24, 2017

It is a sad, sad, no-good, absolutely terrible day when Dawn realizes she did more research for a podcast than the writers did for their movie. Saddled with a fundamental lack of understanding, 2006's Stay Alive is Exhibit A for the case against Hollywood ever managing to make a decent video game movie. Technical errors, gamer tropes and mechanics that can't stay consistent from one scene to the next, this film manages to fail on just about every level imaginable. And Dawn's gonna tell you all about it. Credits: Women In Caskets Theme: The Shape Intro: Tristam Rock by mp from Outro: Where the Demon Sleeps by katethegreat19 from And a huge shout-out to Dawn's favorite gaming critics, analysts and historians, the crew at Extra Credits. Check out their You Tube Channel here: We are now available in iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and all your favorite podcatchers. Or get our RSS feed on Soundcloud! Please rate and review us, we love to hear from you all. And support us on our Patreon! Sign up to access exclusive monthly podcasts and other special events and help us bring you even more crazy Women In Caskets content!