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Women In Caskets

Jun 15, 2016

Note: This episode contains a special forward regarding the shooting at the Pulse club in Orlando Florida on June 12th 2016. If you find discussion of this event particularly triggering, the message ends at time stamp 9:15. You've heard them mention it many a time, now it's time for Jen and Dawn to tell you why they love (and love to hate) the CW series Supernatural. Its brotherly banter, top-shelf spooks and a strong cast of characters often find themselves at odds with rampant fridging and its treatment of women, minorities and LGBT characters, but they love it anyways. Plus, Dawn is right. For once. If you want to help the survivors of the Orlando shooting and make sure something like this never happens again, do something. You can donate to the American Red Cross here: You can donate to the Pulse survivor's GoFundMe page here: You can get the contact information for your Senators and Congressmen to demand action here: Intro: Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas Outro: Back in Black by AC/DC Credit to TheJDfairy and DirtDiver62570 on You Tube for their compilations of brotherly banter and Bobby Singer's, "Idjit!" counts, respectively. Contact us at: Twitter: @womenincaskets Tumblr: We are now available in iTunes and Stitcher! Please rate and review us there, we love to hear from you all.