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Women In Caskets

Nov 14, 2016

Because so much has happened in the US since our last podcast, the Women In Caskets take some time before the regular podcast to get political. We understand that the current state of politics in the US may be triggering for some, so if you'd like to skip it, we discuss the presidential election and what you can do from timestamp 9:10 to 23:24 and again at the end of the podcast after the 1:42:00 mark. We hope you don't skip it as this is very important to us, but we understand. Additional information can be found on our website, in the show notes for this episode. Politics aside, Dawn and Jen had the wonderful opportunity to attend the screening of a locally-produced and filmed movie called The Last Girl Standing. It's a haunting character study of what happens to the final girl after the killing is done. It's got a LOT to say about trauma, coping mechanisms, and failure to deal with your demons and we have a lot to say about that. Also, we have launched our Patreon! Visit us at for more information. Thanks always to The Shape for the intro/outro music. Contact us at: Twitter: @womenincaskets Tumblr: We are now available in iTunes Google Play and Stitcher! Please rate and review us there, we love to hear from you all.